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At AVOC, we have hundreds of frames available. We carry many of the top brands, and focus on quality and construction of frame materials.



Over the past decade, our use of smartphones, tablets, and computers has skyrocketed. Most people don't realize that these devices emit a high-energy blue light that has been shown to have a number of harmful effects, including early onset of age-related macular degeneration (ARMD). Thankfully, we now have technology to combat this, known as BluTech lenses. These lenses block UV light and offer protection against blue light from both artificial (computers, smartphones) and natural sources (such as the sun).



We offer the most advanced lens technology available, including digital lens technology. Traditionally, standard lens manufacturing has limitations in the design and customization of the finished product. Digital, or free-form, technology allows the lenses to be completely customized for each patient. Every digital lens is optimized to the individual optical and fitting requirements of the frame you choose. In essence, your new frame and lenses are completely custom-made for your visual needs and demands, which ultimately makes your glasses sharper and more comfortable than ever before.



The Autograph III®, made by Shamir, is one of the newest digital progressive addition lenses (PAL) to hit the market. It is considered a "balanced" lens, which means it is adapted to the patient's individual prescription. Research has shown that those who are nearsighted have a different perceived viewing field than those who are farsighted, and this lens takes that difference into account. Its computer and reading zones are individually optimized for smartphone and tablet use, and its design allows for a more natural posture when reading which minimizes uncomfortable head tilting.

In addition to this new lens technology, we offer a wide array of digital multifocal lens options. We will work with you to find and create the best option for you and your visual needs.



Anti-reflective and anti-glare coatings have improved dramatically over the past several years. The new premium anti-reflective technology provides much clearer vision when driving at night because it reduces glare, is almost invisible when worn, and is easy to clean.  



Unlike most sunglasses which only reduce brightness, polarized sunglasses eliminate blinding and often painful sun glare. They are a top pick for a wide variety of outdoor activities, including fishing, sailing, golfing, skiing, and biking. Polarized lenses are also recommended for daytime driving, because they reduce glare created by your windshield, in addition to other cars nearby.



Transitions® lenses protect your eyes against harmful UV rays. They are amazingly clear when you're indoors, quickly darken once you step outside, and transform into a clear lens again once you return indoors. They offer convenience and an all-in-one solution for patients who don't want to juggle multiple pairs of glasses.



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